Ruen Mai Thai Restaurant changes ownership and name

Anchalee Restaurant, KrabiThe famed Ruen Mai Thai Restaurant in Krabi Town, widely regarded for more than 20 years as the best Thai restaurant in Krabi, is closing its doors at the end of this month.

Fans of the restaurant need not despair however: the new owner, Ms Anchalee, is a former head chef at Ruen Mai, and has worked closely with the restaurant for much of her 30 year career. So we are not expecting any changes, either in the menu, or the beautiful decor.

The only change announced is the name: Ruen Mai will now be known as Anchalee Thai Restaurant. You can go check out the food from November 1st, when the “new” restaurant will officially open.

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3 Responses to Ruen Mai Thai Restaurant changes ownership and name

  1. Yunos says:

    Hi Henrik

    I would like to inquire if the new restaurant Anchalee, still maintain the same halal status as Ruen Mai?

    Would highly appreciate your response.


  2. YK says:

    I did not know Ruen Mai had Halal status, as both pork meat and alcohol were / are on the menu. Perhaps they had a separate kitchen for haraam food? If this is the case, then this will be the same at Anchalee, as the set-up has not changed at all.

  3. YK says:

    UPDATE: Ruen Mai is back! The owners of the original restaurant have reopened in a beautiful new location in Klong Chilat village, just off road out of Krabi Town heading down towards Ao Nang. The menu is the same.