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Choosing a baby friendly hotel in Krabi

Krabi has a lot of baby friendly hotels
Even young babies enjoy a dip in the hotel pool
It is fair to say that the more you pay for the hotel, the more baby friendly it is likely to be. Backpacker places have limited in-room facilities, though if you bring your own equipment it is still possible to stay in such hostels.

But you don’t need to break the bank to be comfortable: most 3 star hotels will be able to provide a cot if required for under 2s at no extra charge, as well as a fridge and a kettle in room. The kettle will probably not be large enough to sterilise bottles in, but could easily be used to rinse them out with boiling water, provide enough hot water to warm a jar of baby food and of course used to provide a supply of boiled water. Please note: do NOT boil water from the taps in Krabi, always use bottled drinking water – this goes for making your own coffee as well!

Most hotels and resorts with a swimming pool will have a shallow children’s area where you can take your baby to splash; some also offer extras like a play area (mainly for toddlers) and baby sitting services. Even if your hotel does not offer a creche, you will find it relatively easy to get staff in the hotel restaurant to watch your child for an hour or so (at off-peak times) if you would like to have a quiet dinner – Thai people love babies and children.

Finally a point to consider when deciding where to base your holiday in Krabi: some areas, such as Railay and the islands have restricted access to medical facilities. If your child has any known conditions, such as peanut allergies, asthma etc., you may wish to stay on the mainland in case of emergencies.

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Last updated: October 24, 2016