Topic: swimming in Krabi in July

just wanted to know if it is OK toswim in the sea in July or whether there are stinging jellly fish and whether I am better off getting accommodation with a pool instead.

Re: swimming in Krabi in July


Without wanting to sound alarmist, there are jellyfish present in the sea at this time of year. However, you would have to be VERY unlucky to be bitten by one as they are not really that common. If you don't want to take the risk, then a pool would be advisable.


p.s. In case you do get stung, the best thing to do is apply lime juice and / or Tiger Balm (which is available in most pharmacies, so you can carry a pot in your bag - it's also useful for mosquito bites). The jellyfish stings are never dangerous, only unpleasant - they hurt and occasionally itch for a few hours.

Re: swimming in Krabi in July

thanks very much!! I am sooo looking forward to coming to Krabi.:D