Topic: Ton Sai Beach

Does anybody know what it's like at Ton sai at the moment?
I've heard about a big building going to be construct there.
What's the status? Is it still possible to book some of the well known bungalows over there, or have some resorts disappeared? And does it affect climbing at ton sai? is it better to go to the other side (sunrise side)..
I've planned to go in Februari.
Greetz F

Re: Ton Sai Beach

Latest news is that it's a five star hotel, international chain (retirement home plan was another company and that has now been scrapped). The land has been cleared but no construction started yet.

It's the area in the middle of the beach, near the sand, so most of what has disappeared were bars, restaurants and bamboo huts. The big resorts - Tonsai Bay, Dream Valley, Mountain View etc. are still there. Actually all the small resorts behind the beach are still in operation. Don't think any construction will affect climbing, as it's nowhere near the cliffs!

Situation re: construction may change come February (i.e. they might have started building by then), but I don't know of any resort that's still open that is planning to close. I reckon it will still be nicer than Railay East smile