Topic: Any Construction around the Railay Beach club Houses in Dec 2007?

I am thinking of booking one of the Railay Beach houses (most likely Baan Solly) for mid december for my honeymoon and was wondering what construction will be going on around there at the time.
I also wanted to ask for peoples recomendations on the best places to eat around Railay, how best to avoid the crowds, and how difficult it is to arrange day trips from Railay compared to Ao Nang.  Thanks a lot

Re: Any Construction around the Railay Beach club Houses in Dec 2007?

All the construction work on this (west) side of Railay is now complete, and as far as I know there is no more planned for the coming season.

As for avoiding the crowds in mid-December - good luck! I'm afraid other than staying in your room the entire time, tourists are everywhere in Krabi at this time of year - it is the peak season and every hotel in Railay will be full. You might also want to check availability at Railay Beach Club now before going any further with your plans, they may well be fully booked already.

If crowds are going to be a problem, I would suggest staying on one of the northern beaches on Phi Phi, or the southern beaches in Lanta (though these are not as nice as either Railay or Phi Phi). Trips to mainland attractions are obviously not possible from here, however, although they are possible from Railay, factoring in a boat ride on the outward and return journeys.