Topic: Snorkeling and Canoing in September

Hi Seema,
May I know if there is any good snorkeling in mid September?  I'll be there next month but I know it is low season and weather may not be suitable.  but i really would like to do some snorkeling.   If weather permits in September, where would the one place you would recommend for snorkeling?

I also would like to know where to go for a good canoe half day trip .  There are probably several mangrove routes leading caves and i would like to know which is a good scenic or exciting route to take.

I have not been to Krabi before.  Its my first.  Really appreciate your response.


Re: Snorkeling and Canoing in September

Hi Dave

Snorkelling can be done year round and in fact low season is the best time to go in terms of fish numbers - visibility is sometimes an issue, but the majority of sites are shallow, so the water is reasonably clear. The main problem you will have with the weather is that the boats won't go out at all if the sea conditions are very bad. You will just have to wait and see... you might be lucky!

In September, the safest bet is Phi Phi by speedboat, there is lots of snorkelling on this tour. If bad weather restricts you to local islands only, try around Koh Yawasam and Yawabon, also Koh Si and Koh Ha. These can all be visited in an afternoon with a chartered longtail boat as they are only 20-30 minutes from the Ao Nang coast.

For kayaking, Bor Thor is by far the best area. The full day tour is best if you can make it as you can see a lot of different landscapes.

Hope you have a good trip!

Re: Snorkeling and Canoing in September

Thanks administrator... thats very helpful.