Topic: Starting your own business

My husband and i are planning to move to Thailand in the sprin of 08 from the USA.  I will be teaching and he has considered opening his own business.  What are the steps for us to do that in Krabi?

Re: Starting your own business

The steps to opening your own business (and working for yourself) are no different  to anywhere else in Thailand, as the laws are the same. Some things to note in Krabi: it is best to set up the company and apply for the work permit through a local "lawyer", as they tend to have good relationships with the labour department and the paperwork will be done quicker than if you try to do it yourself. Obviously this costs more, but based on many people's experience it's less of a headache in the long run.
Second: it is getting increasingly difficult for foreigners to apply for work permits as chefs etc. as the local workforce are becoming more skilled. You generally need to be able to demonstrate a skill that local Thai people do not have, creating the need for you to work.