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Myself and three other adults are visiting Ao Nang in February next year. After about five days we are moving to Phuket and would like to do this by the ferry. Can anybody advise whether we need to book the ferry in advance of our arrival. If so where can I do this.

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The ferry leaves from Ao Nang daily at 3pm or so. There's no need to buy tickets in advance, you can buy them once you are here, either on the day itself or the day before - all tour agents sell them. The ferry company runs a shuttle bus to pick you up from your hotel and take you to the pier at Nopparat Thara, so just let them know where you are staying when you book.

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Thanks for the info. Do you know where in Phuket the ferry docks? We are then staying at Karon beach.

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arrives at phuket town,about a 40 min trip to karon.
will be mini buses from jetty to karon.

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Thanks for that. Do the mini vans run to a schedule? Do you know how much per person they charge.


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The shuttle mini-bus to Karon is included in your ferry ticket Ao Nang to Phuket.  There are few if any taxis waiting at the one and only Phuket Town pier where the ferry docks. 

Big tip for families pack very light and use back-packs not suitcases or similar as you will need to keep your hands free as much as possible as it is likely if the tides are not suitable that you will be jumping from one long-boat, low to the water, up a ladder into the ferry and then when you arrive at Phuket, crossing from ferry to ferry as they moor up parallel to each other.  Also leave your prams at home if you have babies.  You will not need any warm clothing ever in Southern Thailand and so you should not take much luggage anyway.

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ps: you asked about the schedule of minibuses, when you get off the ferry they fill as many mini buses up as there are passengers and when each one is full it goes.  expect at least another 45 minutes from the time the ferry arrives in Phuket, they are never on time or on schedule, before you reach your destination in Karon.  Invariably will be almost dark or close to sundown by the time you arrive from Ao Nang.