Topic: Hong Kong to Krabi - Best route ?

I am having difficulty finding a straightforward route from Hong Kong to Krabi.

Flights via Bangkok necessitate a 4 hour wait in BKK airport before a connecting flight (Air Asia) to Krabi. Other carriers all depart before my arrival time in BKK (13:00).

I have an option of flying into Phuket from HK and wondered what transfer options would be available (Dragonair flight arrives in Phuket at 17:35). At this time of day would it be best to do a land transfer and if so who best to use ?  Would my Krabi hotel (hopefully La Playa ) arrange a transfer ?

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Re: Hong Kong to Krabi - Best route ?

Hong Kong to Phuket Airport could be the best but i would not risk driving or being driven at night time from there to Krabi area as the roads are too narrow, too dark, the drivers too careless and reckless and often are hung-over or still drunk or just sleepy; yet this does not stop them from speeding at breakneck speeds.  You will arrive two or so hours later if you survive the drive with your nerves shattered and in need of another holiday just to get over the drive.  We have done this journey many times and prefer to spend the night in a Phuket Town hotel, some nice and very cheap ones, eg Sino House, which are only 10 minutes from the pier which has an 8.30am ferry (2&half hours) leisurely and scenic journey to several stops in Krabi province, eg Ao Nang which will be close i think to La Playa.  It is an extra night before you get there but worth it and there are some nice quaint restaurants to try that night in Phuket Town eg "the natural" or  real name "Thammachat"