Topic: Muay Thai Training in Krabi

I am coming to Krabi for holidays and some business reasons end of March ... I am also looking for a Muay Thay camp that would accept farang.  I've done a lot of training in Phuket and Samui and there are generally plenty of camps around there but my internet search for Krabi resulted in nothing.  Please let me know if anyone is aware of such camp and possibly the Name or contact details. Cheers, KB

Re: Muay Thai Training in Krabi

Maybe a little bit too late for you kbab, but there is one now. It is on the narrow road that you can enter next to the laundry business opposite Ao Nang fresh market (Monday, Tuesday and Friday). This road is a short cut and will bring you back to the main road next to the 7-eleven. You cannot miss it.

We all live in "the good old days" of the future.