Topic: new to krabi

hi there my frens and I (2 guys + 1 couple = total 4 pax)are visiting krabi from spore this coming wed 30th Jan - 04th feb. as its our 1st time here we are clueless bout some things.

1) is there any currency exchange at the airport? what time do they open until if so? cos we are flying tiger and landing at 2055 krabi time. we are specifcally looking for RHB Bank and Siam Commmercial Bank as they offer generally better rates in thailand? what are the rates for spore dollars now?

2) we have not made accomodation reservations as we are aware most of the super cheap budget places do not have online booking facilities. we are budget backpackers looking for 1 room 200-400baht (fan only) and 1 room 300-600baht(a/c if possible). would we have any trouble looking for accomodation and if not are there any places to recommend? hopefully along the ao nang beach / moo 2 area.

3) the 2 guys are planning to dive and the couple probably will follow us snorkelling. we are looking at 3 days of diving are there any dive operators to recommend? we are sure that service wise they are all top notch as its so competitive and divers are generally nice people. so probably price will be the deal breaker for us. or is there other areas we should look at?

4) are there any bungee jumping on krabi? if so how much would it be? any other activities would you recommend?

i just wanna say that this site has really been really helpful. esp the budget planner part. allowed me to plan quite accurately how much i need for the trip. perhaps my only gripe is the accommodation considered "cheap" by this site is not to us! the word cheap is relative though. maybe reviews for even cheaper accomodation can be added? if not, great site!

Re: new to krabi

Hi there

Some quick answers to your questions:

1) Yes, there is a currency exchange booth at the airport, it will be open until the last flight of the day disembarks. It is provided by Thai Military Bank (I think). Current exchange rate is 23 Baht to the Singapore dollar.

2) At this time of year, the "super-cheap" accommodation in Ao Nang starts at around 600-800 Baht per night for fan rooms - if you want somewhere less than that you will have to stay out of the main beach area, or in Krabi Town, sorry...

3) Dive operators in Krabi have a price-fixing agreement, so any place you go to will offer the same price for services.

4) no bungee jumping yet! For other activities, see our main site.

Thanks for the feedback about the site, glad it was useful smile. Regarding what is cheap - the "cheapness" is relative to the market here. I'm afraid a 300- 600 Baht room with air con is pure fantasy in Ao Nang these days. Within 500m of the beach, 1200 Baht and up is the standard rate now. Good luck and good holiday!