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I am a Danish girl planning to move to Thailand, possibly Krabi/Ao Nang, with my boyfriend in about a year.
We want to bring our dog with us, and that is why I would like to know, if there are any decent Veterinarians or Animal Hospitals in Krabi.
Furthermore, I am concerned with rabid strays. Are stray dogs a problem in Krabi, and what about Rabies?
I feed her raw meat, anything from dear to crab. Are there any butchers, and is it difficult or very expensive to purchase various sorts of meat? I'm especially interested in cow stomach, not that I think that anyone has tried to find that particular food source, but I could be lucky.

If anyone has any experience or advice to give on this animal matter, I would be very grateful.

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I don't have a dog, but I know lots of people who do - there are several good vets in Krabi Town, which is about 17km from Ao Nang. Finding meat - and the inside bits as well - is also no problem here. Spicy cow stomach soup is quite a popular dish, actually smile There are no butcher shops, but you will find the full range of meat / fish in any market.

There are lots of stray dogs around, though as far as I know rabies is not a problem. The only problem you will have with them is if your dog has not been spayed - then you will have lots of mongrel puppies to deal with!

You may also want to check the law about bringing pets into the kingdom - that I am not sure of.


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Thank you for your answer. I'm pleased to learn that thereare good vets in Krabi Town.
Of course the meat is to be found at markets! You are right. I'll figure out when I get there I guess.
Cow stomach soup sounds ...:sick: not so good, but my dog would probably love it! Haha.

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Sowatdee krab! Maybe somebody here in the Forum can help! We are looking for 4 dogs that stayed with us as when we rented a villa last season in Krabi. Before providing any details, please get in-touch. Thank you so much! Kind regards smile  Eve