Topic: Getting From Phuket To Railay Island??

HI there;

we are heading to RAILAY in early MAY and was wondering the what the best and safest way is to travel there from PHUKET (PATONG BEACH) at that time of the year?

Are there taxi's than a boat??

ALSO we will need to get back from RAILAY to catch a plane from PHUKET quiet early, are there any early services (TAXIS? BOATS?) to get back to Patong Beach by 12pm?

Re: Getting From Phuket To Railay Island??

:pucko:Railay is not an island.  It is a peninsular attached to the mainland but accessible only by boat.  The quickest and most convenient way to get there.
From Phuket airport which is 40 minutes closer to Railay (traveling time) than the Phuket Town pier, is to drive (yourself by rented car or taxi around BHT2500 one way and will take about an hour or two to Ao Nang then you get a long boat for 15 minutes to Railay.  The ferry from Phuket town pier takes nearer to 3 plus hours despite what they tell you because of thai-time delays. 
Driving is also more convenient because you can choose the time of departure whereas by ferry you have to be at the pier to catch the only direct departure at 8am each day.
But why Railay?
It is not really for day trippers, in fact the day trippers are starting to adversely impact life at Railay.  If you want a true island there are plenty more which offer a true island experience.  Railay is not an island. 
There is only one ferry out of Railay mid-afternoon which will get you to Phuket Town about 5.15pm which means you will be lucky to get to the airport before 6.15pm.  If you get a long boat to Ao Nang early in the morning from Railay and pre-arrange the day before a taxi to take you to Phuket Airport you will make a midday flight if you leave Ao Nang no later than 9am approx.
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