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Can anybody tell me if they have finished construction on this development???

they are accepting booking but i cant find any actual pictures of the villas, only computer generated...



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Don't know anything about Thara Heigths or their previous name Phulay Heights (name changes always makes me kind of suspicious). But there is another developer in the region just south of Krabi Town, they have actually produced a lot already. Their projects looks really nice. Check out [link removed: sorry, no advertising allowed!]

Check with Engchuan Real Estate in Ao Nang (just opposite Best Western). There's a nice woman there, realy helpful. She might also know anything about Thara Heights.


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Thara / Phulay Heights is still in the construction phase. I am not sure if they are building off-plan (i.e. to order when someone makes a purchase) or if they are putting the whole project up at once to sell later.

If you are serious about buying a house in Krabi, I would urge a visit in person to any project you are interested in, plus a full due diligence check on land titles, company history, proposed contract etc. Research everything thoroughly, including your rights as a foreigner, and independently verify any advice or information you are given (including on forums!) before commiting to anything. A serious developer will have no objection whatsoever to you taking these precautions, as they have nothing to hide.

There are many, many projects in Krabi that have slick websites, lots of computer-generated images etc. but don't even have the land fully paid for or divided up yet (they are waiting for your deposit money!), or even a properly worded, legal sales contract. Buyer beware.

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To anyone interested in information about Thara Heights (formerly known as Phulay Heights), I would be happy to help answer your questions. I am a former employee and can give you a 'quasi-insider's' opinion.


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what will it be like as a honeymoon destination, i'm interested in staying there, but dont know the area....and the ins and outs of the resort...

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Hello everyone, I am a representative for TharaHeights and would like to answer any questions you might have. 
We apologize for the lack of updated (and real) photos on our sites, our photographer will be in next week and the sites will be updated. 
In the mean time I have posted a temporary site which displays the progress and completion of a few of the units.  Keep in mind, however, these photos are a few months old...the gallery can be viewed at vacationrentalsthailandDOTcomSLASHGallery1.
For further information please feel free to email me or my colleague at [email protected] and [email protected],