Topic: Guesthouse warning for Ao Nang

I write to warn people who are looking to stay in Ao Nang for more than 2/3 days that they will be charged extra for water and electricity at incredibly inflated prices if they stay at Warina's hotel and apartments (previously Cartoon apartments) without explanation or warning and will fight to get the room cleaned regularly.

Having read the sign outside (1 month 6500 Baht) I paid for 3 months a/c for 20,000 Baht (price shown for a single fan room). I checked in as per usual and was told room tidied daily, bedding 2/3 days. It soon turned out the room will only be cleaned if you ask repeatedly and then only weekly, towels and bedding they only changed every 10/15 days. Eventually I bought extra bedding and cleaned them myself.

After 1 month I have a letter attached to my door with a bill, 3950 Baht for electricity and 135 Baht for water. Electricity was 790 units at 5 Baht per unit and was hand-written so could not be verified. Having many friends living here I checked, electricity is 2.1 - 2.6 Baht per unit and most people living and working here for a long time pay about 600/1000 Baht for electricity in their bungalows inlcuding cooking and laundry.

After questioning the bill I was told i had to pay or had to leave and they would keep my remaining 2 months. This increased the monthly room rent to over 10000 Baht. After involving the police I was told the only way to get the money back was to take the hotel to the claims court. to make matters worse as I then refused to stay longer they increased my rent for the month to 8000 Baht stating they had originally discounted me for 3 months.

I am now staying only 300 metres away in Scandinavian Residence. Swiming pool, free internet, daily cleaning, A/c bar and restaurant for the Green season price of 8000 Baht inclusive.

Having talked to other long stay people this has happened before and so much so that Cartoon apartments had a bad reputation amongst dive schools and teachers here. this is probably why they recently changed the name to Warindas Hotel but kept same owners and staff.

Please be careful when checking in for more than a few days and ask if all amenities are included. If not check the electric and water meters and note the reading, get the amount to be charged per unit to be written down as per how often cleaning is carried out. This was the advice from tourist police.

Better still avoid Warinda's place, situated near Moo2 bar, near the 3 way crossing in Ao Nang,