Topic: Necessary to book accommodation for Feb 2009?

Think this is my last question!! Can anyone tell me:

Is it necessary to book accomodation if staying in Raliay or Ton Sai at the beginning of February? Or can I just arrive and still have plenty of choice?

I think it's probably much more expensive pre-booking over internet?

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Re: Necessary to book accommodation for Feb 2009?

Depends - if you are looking for backpacker places then most of them don't even take pre-booking, so it will be fine to turn up and look. There are tons of places in Ton Sai like this, and some on the hill behind Railay East beach. Most are basic bamboo huts, though you can also find nicer concrete bungalows.

For more expensive rooms (say 1500 baht +) it is probably worth pre-booking. This is simply because you can pre-book these rooms, so most people do, therefore they fill up quickly. Rates are usually cheaper online than at the hotels, as these type of places (I'm thinking of Railay) don't usually enter into bargaining.