Topic: Somkiet Buri Resort - imminent shutdown a liability?

I'm interested in staying at the Somkiet Buri Resort in late February. I see in this Forum that they will be closing for major renovations in April 2009. This raises some questions that I'd like to clarify before I make reservations there:
1. Given that they will be on the verge of closing, will the quality of the accommodation and service start deteriorating due to imminent staff lay-offs, necessary maintenance repairs being put-off, etc.?
2. Can anyone recommend another property in Ao Nang with similar attributes and rates, that is tranquil and operating well?


Re: Somkiet Buri Resort - imminent shutdown a liability?

Somkiet Buri is not in fact a dilapidated old building - on the contrary it was recently refurbished (2 years ago) and remains one of Ao Nang's most popular hotels. The renovations involve expanding the existing site and building several new hotel wings to accommodate the hundreds of people that they turn away every year.

Rather than keep the hotel open (as many in Ao Nang do), the owner has decided to close completely to avoid alienating guests during the construction period.

In terms of the staff, most are family members and will be relocated to other properties, such as Railay Village Resort, that belong to the family. Others have had nearly a year's notice to find other jobs. So there is unlikely to be any bad feeling. Please note that under normal circumstances, many guests find the front desk service at the resort brusque at best, so this will not change!

With regard to similar hotels in Ao Nang - with this location, standard and rates - there is none, which is why Somkiet Buri is so popular. If you like the garden, then you could try Tipa Resort (open space, good location) or Blue Village (nice garden, though far from the beach and not so nice rooms). Ao Nang Princeville has very similar rooms for higher rates on the beachfront and should be finished construction by February. The Cliff Resort may also be suitable, though rooms are very small.

Or, finally, there are a lot of large new hotels out towards Nopparat Thara, which offer good value for money - Red Ginger, Amandari, Aree Tara etc.- in terms of accommodation, though none have much outdoor space.

Hope this helps.

Re: Somkiet Buri Resort - imminent shutdown a liability?

Thanks for your helpful response.

Re: Somkiet Buri Resort - imminent shutdown a liability?

Interested parties may wish to know that Somkiet Buri will now NOT be carrying out this renovation work as planned. They have just announced a postponement of the expansion, due to the current economic climate - they have also cut their rates until November 2009 - please see (Please log in or register to see this link) for more details.