Topic: driving to Krabi from Surat Thani

I am planning on riding to Krabi on my motor scooter from Bangkok. I will travel along the coast to Surat Thani and then cross land to Krabi. When I look on google earth I see a motorway 44. Motorbikes are not allowed on the motorways. Does anyone know if there is a parallel road and what is the number?
Or if anyone knows of a better route please let me know. My travel date will be very soon after Songkran, maybe the 19th April. I am guessing it will take me about 5 days for the journey, depending on the weather and what nice places I see on the way that could hold me up.

Re: driving to Krabi from Surat Thani

If you would like a scenic route you can go via Phanom and Neua Klong. Though I have never heard of motorbikes not being allowed on highways - they seem to go along every one I have ever driven on!