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My bf and I will be arriving in Krabi at past noon, and I'm wondering what afternoon activities we can engage in? We'll be staying in a hotel in Railay so we also need to consider tthe travel time from Railay to Ao Nang. We will only be staying for 3days and 2 nighst so we really want to make the most of our time. ;p 

Thanks in advance for your help! smile

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You can easily go out in the afternoon to the islands - and directly from Railay. Charter a longtail boat from the beach (there are loads of drivers hanging around) and tell them where you want to go. I would recommend a 4 hour "half day" trip to Chicken, Poda and Tub Islands (the ones you can see on the horizon from the beach). The latest you could leave for this (if you want the full 4 hours) would be 2pm - you can also leave after, but the driver will need to get back before dark (around 6.30pm).

Another thing you could do would be elephant trekking. This can be done at any time. Travel time to Ao Nang is about 15 - 30 minutes, depending if there is a boat ready to leave. Then you can book the trip at any of the agents on the beach road - I recommend the Phu Naka trekking camp near Klong Muang as it has the best environment - and someone will come to collect you, do an hour's trekking, and send you back to the beach. 800 baht all inclusive per person should be the price.


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thanks for your quick response!

Can you give me a rough estimate of the travel time from the airpot to Railay? Would it be wise to arrange for an airport transfer directly to Railay?
Thanks again!

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As you have limited time, if you want to get there asap, I would pay the extra for the private transfer. This would take you approx. 50 minutes. Travelling independently at this time of year could take an hour (if you are lucky and get a boat that's leaving immediately) or up to 2 hours (if you're not and you have to wait).

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oh thanks for your advice! Would you happen to know how much a private transfer costs? and can you recommend anybody or agency for this service?

Really appreciate all your help! smile