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I'm checking the online forecast on  Krabi's weather and it's saying that it's "raining with scattered clouds", which is contrary to what I've been told about April as a sunny season there.  I'll be in Krabi this coming saturday and now I freakin out because i don't want the rain to ruin my vacation. sad  Is this forecast accurate? Has it been raining in Krabi this April?


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It was raining quite heavily at the start of this month. But no rain at all now for several days and another hot hot day this morning. It is the start of the raining season though, so you should be prepared for any eventuality....

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thanks for the advice once again. Looking forward to a birght sunny Krabi on Saturday! :tummenupp:

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While i know that is is the rainy season and probably heavy rains in Thailand and Krabi.

We are visiting Krabi on the 20th September for 4 nights and staying in Ao Nang at the Krabi resort.

Wanted your advice weather we are making the right decision of coming at this time or is it that it would still be enjoyable. what is the rain pattern now/ Does it rain through the day or does it rain in gaps. What i amtrying to understand is whether there are gaps when one can venture out  and if the sun does come out at all during even heavy rainy days.

Any comments on the location and the krabi resort .

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.