Topic: To Buy or Not to Buy.....

My husband and I are still considering moving to Ao Nang for at least one year.  We would like to have two bicycles.  We were also considering buying a scooter for xtra transportation.  Would this be necessary?  How much does the avg. scooter cost?  Thanx for any info.

Re: To Buy or Not to Buy.....

Hello, sorry for the late reply, I hope this is still relevant! Unless you are very fit, bicycles are suitable for short distance travel only (say up to 6 - 10 km maximum), because of the heat. They would be useful from going from a rented house (usually 3 - 4 km from the beach) down to the commercial beachfront area in Ao Nang for example.

For longer distances, I would advise getting a scooter. Automatic models I believe are around 42,000 THB. These are the easiest to drive and are available in Ao Nang itself.

Edited to add: (used) scooter rental for a year would cost at least 36,000 THB, so there is little advantage in renting over buying if you plan to stay for this long.

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