Topic: K.I.C. (Krabi International Club)

Moving to a new part of the world is never easy, especially to unfamiliar surroundings away from family and friends. Being placed in a new environment and culture can sometimes be difficult.  People, who may have previously had a busy life, whether bringing up a family or working, can suddenly find themselves with lots of spare time.  Whatever your question or problem, you may want someone to help you out or to identify with your situation. You can be sure there is another foreign resident who has ‘been there, done that’. You will meet new friends that are ready to share their experience and expertise on anything and everything to make your stay in the South more enjoyable and stress free.
Whatever social, cultural, religious or economic background, you are welcome.  In hopes that we can learn about each other and grow in relationships.  Also to give back to our wonderful community, the Thai people who have welcomed us to live among them.
Whether you have just arrived in Southern Thailand or have lived here for a number of years, the Krabi International Club (K.I.C.) has something to offer everyone.  K.I.C. is a group of International families coming together to share their diversity as we work towards common goals.  By pooling together our time, talents and treasures we can help each other, as well as meet the needs of many individuals in our community. 
We have hopes of providing social events, mixers with guest speakers and information about what’s going on around us.  In time we will produce a Monthly Newsletter, Website and Youtube hosting.  All for you!
K.I.C. is dedicated to all of us Internationals enjoying the good life in the South, and those of you across the world that would like to join us here. Our aim is to provide a support group for all Krabi visitors, and for those already lucky enough to be living in the “Land of Smiles”.

If you have questions regarding K.I.C. and would like to take part, please don’t hesitate to phone.  I’d love to schedule a time to meet with you, to inform you of what K.I.C. has to offer.
Kind regards,

Zina Docto-Founder
[email protected]