Topic: Advice of my vacation from Malaysia to Krabi..


I`m planning to go to krabi with my wife for a vacation atleast for 4 days 3 night..
My planing is to stay 2 days at island and 2 days at mainland.

need your advice, where can i stay at the island and the mainland? what are the activities that i can do in both area..i hope this is my best vacation and the best for my lovely wife.thanks in advance..

Re: Advice of my vacation from Malaysia to Krabi..

hihi, i am not forum master. just drop by to give u a little tips since i am from malaysia.

first, you have to know what is your budget for accommodation, unless that is not a matter for you. Like me, i go for a budget one, i and my friends already book for ben's house located 10-15 mins away from beach, but is a new and clean guest house. i have friends been there, thats why i choose it. Ya know, sometimes picture can be a scam!  If i recommend means, u can ask from them deluxe pool access room (they only have one since is a small pool), for only 1200B at green season, like what i did!

You have to got an idea if you prefer beachside or not? if you like to have the seaside view, porbably u can consider Krabi resort, but it is a bit pricey.

There's plenty of new and nice hotel such as "Amari Vogue Resort" , "Red Ginger Chic Resort".
Try "Ao nang Orchid Resort" if u prefer a hidden heaven. And "Buri Tara, Ananta burin" happens to be some of the hotel with pool access room. I love it, but no budget, haha..

hope my little tips can help u. But a little advice, since we have activities all day long out from the hotel, the accommodation is not the main factor, right? as long as u can get a clean and comfortable room, no tatty beds, no smelly room, no bugs, is consider good, right?

Re: Advice of my vacation from Malaysia to Krabi..

thanks for you advice...
which part of malaysia you are?maybe we can have chitchat at mamak stall..huhuhuh..
actually i getting married next year march,so plan to go some sort like honeymoon at krabi..
so my plan is  to stay 2 days at island area like phiphi island and balance of 3 day at mainland area like au nang..but confuse what activities can i do 2 days at phiphi and balance at au nang..
what can i do at phiphi for that 2 days?
and what can i do 3 days at au nang?
i like to have full day activities at both area?

Re: Advice of my vacation from Malaysia to Krabi..

hi sorry for late reply...i am from klang, selangor.
i see, u plan for your honeymoon...actually, Bali is a preferable option for honeymoon, because more happening compare to krabi.
but anyway, just a sharing after my survey.
phi phi island is a small island, yes u can try on many water activities there, snorkelling, diving, water sports...and as in my survey, i noticed that there's one place which offer cabaret show (strip show) on a particular night. u can check out that. night time activities as usual, clubbing, relax at the beach.

aonang beach actually not too much thing, but normally people will base there because is the place where you join the boat trip. however, there's night market for your wife to shop, i bet she like that!

1st day u can go for either 4 island boat trip (long tail boat cheaper), or phi phi island boat trip (speed boat better, because is quite far).
2nd day u can try either elephant trekking + emerald pool + hot spring + tiger temple cave; or kayaking, is abit tiring, but is definitely a different feel.
3rd day if you tire, then just hand around the town, discover something hidden. or if you still energitic, you can try water rafting.

most of the programme starts in the morning - afternoon (9-4), so, dont worry, you still have plenty of time to shop and of course, enjoy the thai massage!

you can email me and we can exchange information.

[email protected]