Topic: Cleaning up Ton Sai for the season

Hi there ...

Wandering if there is anyone out there in Krabi area, who can tell me the latest plight of Ton Sai. Have they managed to clean up the beach front and also the inside of the jungle that is littered and in a terrible state which can't be helping the water table. Apparently its still up for sale or lease but still haven't been told the name of the company who hold the lease.. I have asked many time but still don't get  answers from this site.

So if there is anyone else who knows anything please post your thoughts and feelings. As im sure your all aware Ton sai is an amazing place to go and has so much to offer .. But hey its getting left to detoriate.

Look forward to hearing from anyone


Re: Cleaning up Ton Sai for the season


Hope this fills you in on the latest situation...

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By the way, the land you speak about is still owned by Deva Construction but plans were halted in 2007 as they could not obtain the necessary permits. Also Deva receives pressure from the big families on TonSai who also have influences with the government. This will go on for some time but the economic problems of late may alter things a little.

The rubbish however has no excuse what-so-ever!