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I am considering taking up residents in the LOS. But I would like you experts to give me a "very" good idea of what it will cost me to do this.
Let me begin by saying that I will attempt to provide you with the most accurate description of my needs so that you can provide me with the best answer. I will also tell you that I currently have a very affluent lifestyle and would like to continue that lifestyle. I live in California in the proximity of Malibu so those familiar with this area will have a pretty good idea of how we live (Calabasas).
I would like to know the following:
Want to rent either a furnished or unfurnished 2 bedroom apt, home or condo. Either in Silom, Thonburi, Sukhumvit, Hua Hin Krabi or another "fine" beach community. If possible give me in the city and on the beach.
Have a car and driver at my disposal when required
A full time cook (has american cooking talents)
A housekeeper 2-3 times per week
Play golf and tennis frequently
Eat at fine restaurants weekends
Attend the Arts and Sciences
Finally keep company on an occasion with the opposite sex(go-go and up)

Now I realize this may be a tall order but I believe there are many of you out there than can give me your honest opinion and by reading all of the replies I will be able to arrive at what I need to know. You can estimate in bhat or usd.

Thanks so very very much.
Who knows maybe we will have the pleasure of  toasting one when I come

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Honest opinion? Forget Krabi. It certainly does not fit the profile described above and is unlikely to within the next 20 + years. No amount of money will change that.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, though :-)

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Thank you for your reply...

Maybe a nice place to visit but not a place to live..

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It is not a place to live if you wish to maintain the type of lifestyle you describe above. For those with simpler needs, it does just fine! I hope you are able to find somewhere suitable, I would suggest the Bangkok area, or Hua Hin.