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Is there any Ferry trip to Ao Nang Krabi coming directly from Langkawi? If not, what is the best way of getting there?

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There is a joint travel service (ferry + minivan) that operates this route. You will get the ferry as far as Trang, then change to a minibus for the rest of the journey. More information here:
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You should be able to buy this joint boat / bus ticket on the island itself, it will not be necessary to book in advance.

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Thank you very much Administrator  for your very fast reply (much appreciated).
I want to know is there a boat or ferry from Trang to Ao Nang or Krabi Town? If so, could you let me know what times, and also let me know what time the Ferry arrives from Langkawi to Trang.

I've had a look at , their website quoted there is a Ferry from Langkawi to Ao Nang (Meeting Point) . I am confused  as what they mean by Meeting Point.

I will check on your site for hotels in Kuah town and Ao Nang.

Once again, I welcome your early reply.

Re: Ferry to Krabi from Langkawi

There is no ferry from Trang to Krabi, as it's a very short drive along the coast (around 1.5 hours). You can get a government bus from Trang town to Krabi Town, but there is little advantage in doing this as the Tigerline service is door to door from the ferry pier in Hat Yao to Ao Nang, thus saving time and taxi fares.

I'm afraid I don't know where the Tigerline "meeting point" (=pick up / drop off point) is in Ao Nang, but I would imagine it is fairly central near the beach.