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I am visiting Krabi in February following a trip to Langkawi. I understand I need to go to Satun, to connect to Krabi. Is this correct, is this by bus, are they regular? Will I need to stay a night in Satun?

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Yes, you must go through Satun to do Thai immigration, regardless of your final destination in the kingdom.

I think there are 3 or 4 boats a day making this trip during high season, so if you take the morning boat, you will easily arrive in time to take a bus to Krabi Town. The journey time will be around 4-5 hours.

There's also talk at the moment of a ferry from Langkawi to Krabi (going via Satun for immigration). This will arrive in Ko Lanta, apparently. It's been in the Thai newspapers, but they haven't said when it will start. If we get more information, I'll post it here for you. smile

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Many thanks. Please let me know of progress abouy the ferry!:)

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Hi, I am visiting Krabi in Dec and need to know the best way to get there from Koh Samui/Koh Phangan? I have just realised that flights do not operate directly so I will need to get ferry's and buses etc... As I want to minimise my travelling, can anyone suggest the best and quickest way to get to Krabi from these islands??

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Hi Lana

This is a very popular route and you will find lots of places on both islands selling joint ferry / bus tickets. They cost (I think) around 350 - 400 Baht and include transport to the mainland, from the pier in Donsak to Surat Thani, then coach to Krabi Town. Departures are at least twice a day and you can buy a ticket in any agency when you reach Samui or Phangan. Journey time is around 6 hours.

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Hi there,
Thanks a million for your information. I'm trying to avoid such a long journey to be honest and would prefer flying so I was thinking of flying from Samui to Phuket and then maybe getting the bus/ferry/train down to krabi? Would you suggest one over the other (bus/ferry/train), maybe the quickest?

:skål::skål: Cheers again!!

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I think it will work out the same to be honest, once you factor in the time getting to the airport, then from Phuket Airport to the bus station (bus to Krabi from Phuket is 3 hours). The only ferry to Krabi (Ao Nang) leaves at 8am so you are unlikely to make that one.

I know Bangkok Airways is starting flights to Krabi from Bangkok again soon, I will try to find out if they will also restart the Samui-Krabi route at the same time, which could solve your problem!

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Hello again,

Thanks so much for all your information. I ended up just booking flights to Phuket and then probably will have to get the bus as I checked the ferry times and I will most definately miss them! The lesser of 2 evils I think? I just prefer to fly and will have to endure the bus if necessary! I have checked/looked for flights from Samui-Krabi and they do not exist anymore which makes my life a little harder but hopefully Koh Phi Phi is worth it!! smile

Thanks a million again for all your help and info.
Have a great day!!! 

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Lana, you may like to see if you can change your tickets to fly direct to Krabi:

The flights will be starting again in November.

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We plan travelling out to Phi Phi late October 2007 (around 25th) coming from Langkawi Malaysia. Can anyone recommend the best way to travel from Langkawi to Krabi (Phi Phi), preferably by boat/ferry.
I've heard of plans for a direct service from Langkawi to Ko Lanta. I think the operator is Tigerline. Any news on this? What are the alternatives?
Many thanks.

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The Tigerline website is showing the following timetable:

It seems like a long journey (6.5 hours); also you may want to check that they are actually running in October - most southern Andaman ferry services start in November, because of rough sea conditions - this also includes the ferry from Koh Lanta to Phi Phi, which is unlikely to be running by 25 Oct.

The safest bet at this time of year would be to take the ferry to Satun or Trang, then bus overland to Krabi and ferry to Phi Phi - you may have to stay overnight in Krabi Town as the last ferry leaves about 2pm.

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I am planning a trip to Krabi and would like to know how I can find a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi.  Thank you for your help

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Heya..I am visiting Krabi from 23 - 26 Dec next month...we intend not to book any room / hotel yet till we arrived there...can anyone recommend any reasonable yet nice place / hotel...

Also, how can i find a transport from Krabi to Langkawi & Krabi to Phuket later to Langkawi? ...either by air/ road & how long will it take...

Thank you:skè™±:

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I am planning to fly to Krabi from Singapore but not sure if it is possible to get visa on arrival at Krabi Airport??? ( I need a visa on arrival as a citizen of Latvia)

If it is not possible to get visa at Krabi airport I will have to fly to Phuket but I have booked hotel in Krabi...kind of inconvenient..

Can anyone advise?

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Yes, there is an immigration and customs checkpoint at Krabi Airport. All passengers from international flights must pass through immigration, where you can get a visa on arrival (if your nationality qualifies for one). It's very slow, so count on up to an hour's wait if your plane is full...

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Krabi and Phi Phi not the same really:  Phi Phi is in the Krabi province but it is a long wasy from Krabi Town and it is often easier - quicker- to get to Phi Phi from Phuket Airport rather than Krabi Town airport.  You get the ferry from Phuket Town direct to Phi Phi and getting to Phuket Airport is much easier from just about anywhere in the world than trying to get to Krabi Airport.  We have done it 8 times over the past 8 years.