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I am an American living on a sailboat off the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.  I will be arriving in Thailand in early March to begin living there part time for now and perhaps full time later.  I have a house, but do not know where it is.  I hope you or someone can guide me to where it is on Google Earth.  It is in Thap Prik, Umper Mueng, Krabi.  It would be nice to know the roads, streets around where I will be living.  Thanks

Also, I have an O-A visa, which is supposedly is a retirement visa and according to all the websites I have seen a retirement visa allows me to bring into Thailand one shipment of my household goods duty free by boat and one shipment by air.  Unfortunately, customs is balking.  I there someone in Krabi who would volunteer to call Immigration and Customs and find out about this for me.  I have had zero success in calling any agency in Thailand and I get sent in circles at the Thai Embassy here in Washington, DC.  Any help here would also be GREATLY appreciated. 

I'm really looking forward to coming to live in the Krabi area; I just wish there were less headaches.

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Hi Dustbunny,

I look for the Thap Prik road in Krabi town map and could not locate it. So I suggest you to contact your real estate agent that leased or sold you the house. They should be able to inform you of the exact location. For immigration and custom, I suggest you contact the local company that provide these services for foreigners. They would understand  these procedures and the legal aspect.

I hope this is helpful

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Thanks for the reply.  I am here now, so the mystery is solved!