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My husband and I are going to be visiting Krabi for 3 weeks in June. I really want to visit Wat Bang Riang but I can't seem to find any information online about whether it is feasible to get to from Ao Nang. Neither of us drive so renting a car is not a possiblity. Do any tours go here? Would it be quite expensive to get a taxi? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also are there any other wats in the region worth visiting? I've seen a few pictures of one I assume is in Krabi Town, but again, haven't found much information. I'm aware of the Tiget Cave Temple but would like to see some more 'traditional' Thai temples.

Thanks a lot for your help smile

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Wat Bang Riang is worth a visit but I agree with you it is difficult to find information online.
But when you get there you will probably see some monks who can tell you about the history out there.

There is also a small local temple at the bottom of the mountain with a fish pound you can visit.

There are tours going there but avoid them because you only have short time going around

I will suggest you rent a taxi, return should be around 1500 baht and the driver will wait for you out there.
There is about 60 km from Krabi to Wat Bang Riang, about 1 hour drive.


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Excellent, thanks for the info Henrik!