Topic: Andamanee Boutique Resort and Spa

I've looking to makea reservationat  this hotel for our trip but I am a little nervous that everything isn't as it appears on their website.  Can anyone confirm that they have started accepted guests?  We are planning to be there over New Years.  I really want to make sure that the place is ready to go, so we don't show up and find out that we don't have a place to stay.


Re: Andamanee Boutique Resort and Spa

My colleague visited 2 weeks ago and he said it is "almost ready" - their planned opening date was apparently December 15, but I suspect it may be a little rough around the edges until late January, which is why they have the special offer on. Certainly no heavy building work, but probably landscaping and cosmetic details will still be in progress.

You should also note that this resort is fairly isolated, approximately 2km from Nopparat Thara Beach, and around 3km or more to Ao Nang, where the majority of the bars and restaurants are, so check that they provide a shuttle bus or similar first. Any organised tours you make during the day will usually include round trip transfers from the hotel, so there is no worry there.

Hope this helps!

Re: Andamanee Boutique Resort and Spa

I had a look around this resort last week and it is fully open and looks lovely. Some of the rooms have double beds made out of Longtail Boats......very unusual and well done!