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As new stuff seems to be happening in Krabi almost every week, this will be an ongoing thread about which hotels in Krabi are being built or redeveloped.

If you're planning a holiday you can also check here if the hotel you want to book is still under construction! (amazingly many sites won't tell you)

So here goes...

In Railay
- Railay Bay Resort is undergoing  major renovation. They are upgrading around 50% of their rooms (and will be putting up the price by the same amount, or more, as of November) and adding a second swimming pool in the centre of the resort. They are still open, with all current facilities available and you can get a room here now with a fairly large discount, if you don't mind a bit of construction noise (daytime only). Work is expected to complete in November 2006. As this is Thailand, in reality it probably won't be until Christmas, or later.

- Railay Village Resort has been completely demolished and will be rebuilt as new with small villas and a swimming pool. They are more realistic about their opening time - February 2007 for a soft opening.

With these two big resorts doing major work, this leaves only Sand Sea Resort on the west side of Railay still open and fully functioning - and as a result they have been fully booked for Christmas and New Year since June.

In Ao Nang
- A new mega resort, Ayodhaya Suites, from the owners of Krabi National Success Resort, on Nopparat Thara Beach is nearing completion. Soft-opening prices are around 10,000 Baht per night and bookings are being taken from 1 November 2006.

The picture was taken late July 2006, so it looks likely that the building will be finished by this time - although there does not yet seem to be much in the way of landscaping at the front of the hotel.

Re: Hotel construction watch

An update to the above post:

Railay Bay Resort & Spa has now completed renovations, only 3 months behind schedule! The new rooms are looking beautiful and the new swimming pool towards the back of the resort is a welcome addition. There is also a new restaurant and reception area, though how long the sparkling white furniture will stay that way is anyone's guess. Pictures to follow shortly.

Railay Village Resort is set to re-open in low season now.

Ayodhaya Suites, alas, is still not open. Work continues apace, but for such an ambitious project (the resort is modelled on a Thai palace from three different eras - the Sukhothai, Ayuthaya and Rattanakosin periods), it seems a King's army of workers and all the supplies of gold paint in Asia were not enough to finish on time. 

In other hotel building news, Peace Laguna Resort in Ao Nang will start to build some new bungalows this low season, as an expansion of the already large and recently refurbished accommodation.

Ao Nang Orchid is also planning to knock down its fading bungalows and build a completely new resort.

There are two new hotels in Ao Nang now, just past the tourist police station: Timber House, which opened just before Christmas in the old shopping mall (each room is a shop unit!), and Buri Thara, which opened a couple of weeks ago, just behind Nopparat Thara Beach. This hotel is a medium-rise hotel complex, modern in style. The swimming pool is the only odd thing here, as there is not quite enough space for the sun loungers on the far side near the wall, so they are turned to face each other.

The new Sofitel Phokeethra Resort in Klong Muang is now open, although it's very definitely a 'soft' opening, as there is still a lot of on-going construction work and the spa (sorry, Le Spa) and some other facilities are not yet functioning. The swimming pool is apparently the largest in Krabi, although we must wait until the ultra-luxe Phulay Beach Resort finally gets round to opening for the final say in the matter (another postponement means this won't be until next high season), as they also have a pool that resembles a small lake.

The restaurant at the Sofitel gets the thumbs up from everyone we know locally, who say the selection and quality of western food is unsurpassed in Krabi. But those in search of a five star international chain resort would do better - for the moment, anyway - to look to the nearby Sheraton, which also has the advantage of direct beach frontage (no road), with a nicer beach.

Re: Hotel construction watch

I plan holiday in August.

I found out that Ao Nang Villa is having renovation works of their restaurant till the end of August 2007.

I have a question about the Peace Laguna Resort, because they didn't inform about the renovation works in any way. Do you know does it OK to go on holiday there in August this year?

Re: Hotel construction watch

I have been told that there have been some construction works near the Phi Phi Island Village - a new hotel being built - can anyone confirm if this is the case?

Also, I hear that the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort also has some construction work being undertaken - I believe it may be on the pool?????

I am planning on staying at both these hotels in October 2008 and am a bit concerned.

Many thanks.