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hi everyone

i've been looking at some of the posts on this forum to get an idea about living in Krabi for my next home.

i've been living in Thailand for about 7 years now, most of the time in Ko Phangan, but got tired of island life and inconvenience.

i moved to Hua Hin area but this place isn't for me, too dry and ugly, and boring, i miss tropical weather and tropical landscapes. but i'm not interested in islands again so Phangan and Samui are out.

i was thinking about Phuket but besides being expensive, most people i talk to seem to be planning to move away, not a good sign really.

i wonder, how many expats in Krabi that have been around for a while happy with the area, how many want to leave?

what do you think about cost of living for basics in local markets and superstores? how does it compare to say Phuket or central Thailand?

any advice for a newbee would be welcome.

my wife and myself don't need a lot of entertainment, we like nature, relatively easy access to basic needs like food, school for daughter, etc.


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Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

Hi Sateef

Thanks for your query - unfortunately you are very unlikely to get many replies though. As you may have noticed the locals who have been here a while tend to stay off forums like this one and Thai Visa, which is mainly populated by the "new" arrivals. I'll give it a shot though as it's my duty as forum admin :-)

I've been here for 10 years and no plans to move. Of the group of people here who have been here that long or longer, I know maybe less than 5% who have left. The reasons were either family-related (schooling); or cost of living / developement related (Ao Nang becoming too expensive / built up).

Sure there are downsides (main ones being cost of living cf. other places in Thailand; lack of "culture") but from what you describe above, Krabi sounds like it might be a place for you.  Cost of living varies wildly according to your location in the province. On average, I would say it's on a par with Phuket. The beach front area and village of Ao Nang can be more expensive than that (depending on where you live / shop/ eat); while Krabi Town and the outlying villages are similar or cheaper.

Schools will not be a problem if you are happy with the Thai system; though if your daughter is Matayom level, she will need to go to Krabi Town (and possibly for Prathom also, as the schools are better there). There is one international school here, Nawattaphume Krabi, in Klong Son village, around 6km from Ao Nang.

Due to the layout of the area and the heavy monsoon rains, a car would be advised, as commuting between town / beach / out of town shopping like Tesco and Makro can be hard with just a motorbike.

Not really sure what else to add: feel free to ask any more questions, or send an email: info at yourkrabi dot com

Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

thanks, i appreciate the info

we have a 4WD pickup and are used to monsoon rains for living in Ko Phangan. we guessed our daughter would go to school in Krabi town.

are you familiar with the area around Khao Tong, Gillam's Fishing resort area? we are interested in a couple of places around there.


Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

There are a few expats living around that area, most with businesses like the Gilhams, but also some retirees. But still very few relative to Ao Nang area, so you'll have more of a local experience, including great cheap fish and crabs from the harbour there smile 

It's a beautiful place but very quiet and rural, you will definitely need your car.

Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

I have to agree with the post above. Its a beautiful area near the fishing park, but very isolated.
There are plenty of quiet locations much closer to Krabi Town, and Ao Nang.

I have lived here for 4 years and its great. Sure, it has its problems and after a while you do miss having cinemas etc on your doorstep. But there are plenty of other activities here, you just have to be a little bit more creative.

You cannot compare krabi to Phuket, as Phuket is becoming more and more like a city rather than a holiday destination. Krabi still retains the thai charm and beauty that Phuket seems to be moving away from.
Plus, Phuket is only a couple of hours drive away anyway if you need to get some action.

If you have kids i think you, and they will love it here, i don't have kids so it's difficult for me to comment about schools etc. But the sense of community is what i think makes it great for famillies.

Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

My husband and I are looking for a place to retire and are considering Krabi as a likely place. I am a New Zealander and my husband is Australian. We were living in New Zealand for 33 years and have now moved to Western Australia. Are there any Australian or New Zealander expats living in Krabi as we would love to make contact.
We are looking for a quiet environment and love the marine lifestyle. Krabi sounds like the ideal spot for us. Xmas 2009 we visited Thailand for 5 weeks. We stayed in Phuket, Kho Samui, Chaingmai and Changrai but unfortunately did not get to Krabi. Any advice you could give us would be much appreciated. We are planning another holiday to Thailand in 2012 with the intention of retiring in 2013.

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sharalee: my family were the first to arrive in swan river colony in 1829 and i know a lot about WA.  Also i have been to krabi 9 or ten times including during the tsunami.  if you move you will be in for a shock but it would be a good one in my opinion.  firstly the extreme humidity compared to dry WA will be a major difference as will the weather patterns in general. second you must learn the thai language which is not that hard: try using the CDs of "teach yourself thai" by David Smyth, buy on line from  thirdly krabi is very traditional which is good and it will be like living in perth in the 1960s or NZ in the 1970s.  it is also relatively high % moderate muslim so be respectful when you go out in public if you are a woman: men can go topless but women should cover their shoulders and decolage at least if you want to fit in and live there.  my opinion is it is a great retirement destination if you can cope with the points above.

Re: thinking of moving to Krabi

First of, I want to thank the Administrator for having this helpful information site and allowing members to participating in the forum.

Me and my partner have been planning for our (early) semi retirement for quite some time.  We have finally picked Krabi and have been making some preperations for almost 4 years.  Our goal is to start the move in 2015 - yes it is probably a long process for some. 

I currently live in San Francisco and don't view Krabi as traditional, especially comparing with Perth in the 60s and NZ in the 70s.  Respecting others is always good especially when you are a new comer, but also respecting yourself and your own values is a must.  Living in harmony is always about understanding and sharing each other values.

Krabi might not be for everyone, but if one is looking for truly and wonderful nature, friendly people, relatively low cost of living, one should take a good look at Krabi.  I am very much looking forward to being a part of a local community, volunterring, maintaining and raising awareness of the wonderful natural gifts Krabi has.