Topic: February: the new peak season in Krabi?

Chinese New Year; half term holidays; the most horrible month of winter in Europe: all of of these factors are making visitors flock to Krabi this month.

Hotels are fully booked until early March and restaurants are reporting better sales than at Christmas time - the traditional "peak season" here. But with more families choosing to spend Christmas at home - partly due to the prohibitive pricing in operation during the festive season, and partly due to the real risk of rain with later monsoons each year - February's near perfect weather (blue skies and not too hot) and more reasonable rates are proving  very popular indeed.

So much so that we also have many reports of fully booked flights into Krabi, giving support to many local hoteliers' complaints that limited seat numbers are restricting growth. The paltry 8 flights a day serving mainland Krabi, Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi (nearly 20,000 rooms), are simply not enough to cater to current visitor demand. Compare this with neighbouring Phuket's 80+ domestic and international scheduled daily flights for the island's 40,000 rooms and you can see the difference.

Re: February: the new peak season in Krabi?

Your solution? Higher room prices or are you lobbying for more flights.  Also from where are the flights coming that are so fully booked?  AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi?

Re: February: the new peak season in Krabi?

I wasn't really lobbying for anything, just making an observation.

And certainly not wanting higher room prices! Krabi has some of the highest in the kingdom already, relative to quality and service (i.e. the premium seems to be for the location, rather than particularly good hotels). If anything, I would argue for the Christmas / New Year rate hike and / or Gala Dinners to be removed altogether and instead have a more flexible pricing system, perhaps with a smaller rise in February, which everyone now seems to agree is the busiest month of the year.

More flights seem to be necessary, especially during these new peak times. It is in fact certain flights from Bangkok - Krabi on Thai Airways that are the most overbooked: many international travellers prefer to travel with Thai on this route as they can check their baggage through from their departure point. Perhaps another international code-sharing airline like Bangkok Air would be good here (they already fly Krabi - Samui), or more afternoon flights from Thai.

Note: this suggestion is based on anecdotal evidence only, so may not be the best solution!