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Since 24 March, Krabi - along with the rest of southern Thailand - has been pounded by relentless heavy rain, leading yesterday to several flash floods and landslides around the province.

We are still gathering complete information about the incidents; we can report after driving around the tourist areas and the provincial town this morning that temporary flood waters from yesterday have completely receded and there was no evidence of inundation anywhere other than plantation and national park land, though there were the remains of mud and debris along Ao Nang beachfront road from run-off from the hills last night. This was being cleaned by council workers.
Ao Nang Beach after heavy rain, 30 March 2011

The main incident near to a tourist area seems to have been near the Talaat Kao intersection in town, on the way to Krabi Airport, where a section of road near a small bridge collapsed, leaving many people trapped on one side. There was also a small landslide on the road from Klong Haeng towards Chong Pli Village; that section has been closed off for clearing.

All tourist excursions to the islands have been suspended due to rough seas.

Concerned relatives of any expats or visitors in Krabi should note that the reported (Please log in or register to see this link), which has killed several villagers, is in a rural area at least 40km from the tourist coast and is highly unlikely to involve any foreigners.

The rain has eased considerably today, and is expected to stop by Friday. Things should then return to normal by next week.

We will update with any further news as we get it.

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The rain has now stopped (finally!) - for the moment. The forecast is that the sun will reappear this weekend. If you are travelling to Krabi in April, our advice is NOT to cancel yet. The weather here changes very quickly and as flooding is restricted to a few isolated areas far inland (nothing near the coast), once the sun comes out, things should get back to normal within a few hours.

The sea is a slightly different story: the Krabi - Phi Phi ferry is currently suspended, due to large waves. The sea is likely to remain churned up for a few days, meaning island excursions could well be restricted if you are travelling in the coming week.

Update on Khao Phanom landslide, following some emails we have received: this incident took place very far from Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort (other side of the mountain). All guests there are safe and have already been evacuated, as a precautionary measure, to Krabi Town.

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Hi - Thanks for your posts - the website is v. helpful.   I'm set to fly out from Seoul to Bangkok to Krabi on Saturday...then was planning to head to Phi Phi and Lanta.  How is the weather and status over there?  There's not a lot of reporting it seems but sounds quite serious.....

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Hello,  thanks for your messages.
As a relative of my parents who stays at Ao Nang / Railay Bay at the moment, I´m a bit concerned about the heavy rain. In Germany the news say that there are high waves, flooding, landslides but more in the region around the Gulf of Thailand (Ko Samui, Ko Tao...).

Please go on sending reports about the actual situation on Krabi, that seems to get better by a hopefully sunny weekend.

Thank you and kind regards

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We are a family of four due to fly from the UK into Bangkok on 5th April. We stay there for 3 days before flying to Krabi on 8th April to transfer to Koh Yao by boat. After 3 days there we come back to Krabi to stay for 8 days at Centara Grand Beach Resort.

We are obviously concerned about what we have seen and heard about the floods, are you able to reassure us that it will be safe to travel? How have those three places been affected so far?

Any information you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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To those of you watching events on the news, please understand that the floods cover a large geographical area of southern Thailand, many hundreds of miles across, which tends to be forgotten in a 5 minute news report, especially one mentioning lots of place names you may not be familiar with.

Due to the mountainous terrain, the weather also varies dramatically from coast to coast. The east coast of Thailand has been far worse hit overall than Krabi, suffering more than 3 - 4 times the rainfall on this side. Many places on Koh Samui and the mainland of Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Surat Thani are still under water.

The reason that the media is focused on Krabi is because of a landslide that occured inland near a mountain that swept away nearby houses and has sadly led to several deaths. This is an isolated incident in a very rural area. So there has been a disaster in Krabi but Krabi itself is not a disaster zone - important difference. There has been no flooding, I repeat NO FLOODING anywhere near the coasts or town (where most of you will be staying), other than temporary low level flash floods on Tuesday as water run-off rushed down from the hills. This cleared within an hour or so.

And now for the weather report :-)

There has been no rain since yesterday evening. This morning is overcast, with a few patches of blue sky and sunshine appearing. It seems as though the depression has cleared and moved on; we will post pictures and further reports later in the day.

To answer the questions above (apologies for no individual replies): the ferry to Koh Phi Phi is currently suspended due to high waves, but if the weather stays clear, it is likely to be running by the weekend. All other places mentioned are unaffected, and this is unlikely to change as the weather is now clearing; however you may wish to keep checking back here as we will keep updating on sea condition etc. , which could be an issue if you are staying at Centara, or travelling to the islands.

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How is the weather now ? Can you send us the picture of Ao Nang Situation now ?
Is there still rough waves as we are planning to go island hop to Phi Phi island this coming weekend as we are going Krabi tomorrow (1 Apr 11).

Please help to advice soonest.

Thank you very much.


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Good to hear that the weather is calming down, my thoughts go out to all those that lost their homes and belongings in the floods.

Would be much appreciated if this thread could be updated a few times over the week, I'm arriving at Ao Nang on Saturday April 9th, any chance things will be back to normal by then? We was really worried the flooding was bad there but good to hear things are clearing up already.

Also, is it likely the ferries and longtail boats be back to schedule by then?


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Thank you for all your posts and emails.

We are very glad to report that this morning was dry and - for brief intervals - quite sunny and hot. Here is a picture of Ao Nang Beach at approximately 1.30pm today (local time), taken in the same spot as the picture above:

Note the dry road (though some sand / debris is still present) and the relatively blue sea. Amazingly, the sea is very calm and flat today, with longtail boats and all ferries operating as normal (I had not seen the sea yet when I wrote this morning's update and had assumed it would look like it did yesterday, where you could barely make out the islands on the horizon):

What a difference a day makes. Here is a picture of the beach this afternoon:

This comparison should show you how quickly things can get back to normal.

However, the rain has not yet stopped. At approximately 2.30pm, another downpour started and, an hour later (as I write now), it is just tailing off. This shower is more like normal monsoon rain, though, and the clouds are definitely lifting.

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For those searching for news about the landslide in Khao Phanom district, the latest update from the Krabi governor's office is that 3 people have been found dead, 24 are still injured and 6 people are still unaccounted for. The Thai prime minister, Abhisit Vejajiva, is due here this afternoon to visit victim's relatives and inspect the site.

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So does today rain very often?
Does the sea clear?
How about situation at krabi town? Possible to go there for shopping ?

I heard that phi phi island ferries are running as per normal?
What is the weather forecast for next 3 days?

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Please read the above posts for your replies. I was shopping in Krabi Town yesterday - everything is open as normal.

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Another thing to note re: media reports that are circulating containing hysterical tourist "tweets" and snapshots of Krabi - these images and information are all from a brief period on Tuesday when, as explained above, there were huge and terrifying storms and flash floods across Krabi (and this is also when the devastating landslide occured). It was a frightening time, especially for foreigners who have never experienced tropical storms, and who were understandably very upset at seeing their hard-earned holiday ruined. Information was not clear and the tweets reflected this.

However, these floodwaters in the vast majority of cases province-wide, and in all cases near tourist areas, receded within a few hours and there is now no inundation in any built-up area that we know of. Roads are clear, shops are open, and there is absolutely no food or water shortage other than in the perimeter around the landslide area - but in any case villagers have been evacuated from this and other areas considered at risk.

Light rain is continuing in to the evening.

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Hi ok, thank you very much for all the information. It is really help us a lot.


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Thanks so much for your continuous updates!
I just wanted to check that Air Asia is still flying into Krabi? Also, do you have any information on Koh Phangyan?


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I would like to add to Megan's thanks for the updates, they make us feel a lot more comfortable about travelling next week.



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Been checking out the news and all these posts, can someone give me a status update on the weather situation in and around Krabi? I'm flying in this weekend (3rd/4th) and would like to know if the weather has improved. Do i need to cancel my trip? Very sorry to hear about all the flooding and devastation. Over and out. Best.

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May I know how is the weather today?
We are coming today . Any rain ?

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Good morning from an overcast Krabi. It's been cloudy this morning, but no rain! Roads are dry, sea is calm.
The airport is open (it never closed) and all flights are operating as usual. I'm afraid we don't have information about Koh Phangan, other than the same news sources as everyone else.

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That's right... today's still a cloudy day since this morning. But good things is no rain till now. The sea is calmer than yesterday. Hopefully we can see the sunshine tomorrow. This is 2nd day i m in Krabi.

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Hi. I am arriving today. Is it still dry? I have seen several different forecasts. Can  we still hope for the sun?

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It is now 3.30pm in Krabi. No rain yet today, it has remained cloudy with a few sunny intervals. The street in Ao Nang has now been cleared of sand and debris and is now clean (actually cleaner than before!). All island excursions are operating as normal; inland trips to some National Park waterfalls and springs are not advised due to high waters.

This morning I also met with Son, one of the owners of Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort, who had to evacuate resort staff and 12 guests to Krabi Town following Tuesday's landslide near Phanom Bencha Mountain. He also mentioned the relief effort and donations required for several thousand villagers from around the foot of Phanom Bencha mountain who are currently living in temporary shelters until it is considered safe to return to their homes. Drinking water, blankets and nappies (diapers) are the most urgently required items. If you are in the area and have items to donate, please bring them to Krabi Resort in Ao Nang. These will be collected at 13.00 and 15.00 daily and brought to the schools and temples where the homeless are living. The death toll from the landslide is now 6 people.

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Hi Admin,

I will be in Krabi on the 5th April. I would like to to help by bringing some stuff over to help the affected villagers. Other then those mention above, drinking water, blanket what else do they still need? how about clothes etc? I will be staying in Sunda Resort, Is it far to Krabi Resort?

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That's very kind of you; I'm sure clothes would be welcome as well. The rain has now stopped and the Thai Metereological Department says the low pressure area has moved on, so I'm not sure how long these people will have to stay in the shelters before they are allowed to go home, but I know that up to 100 houses have been completely destroyed so some families will still be homeless.

Krabi Resort is located near the main beach front of Ao Nang, it's not really near Sunda, but you are sure to be in this area if you visit Ao Nang Beach. Here is a (Please log in or register to see this link); the entrance is opposite Blue Mango restaurant.

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Sorry to hear about all of this!

Admin: Any new pictures of how Krabi is doing now? Are the beaches back?  Thanks!