Topic: Amatapura - Krabi's first luxury villa development

Amatapura, a high end development of 29 luxury pool villas on the beach front at Ao Nam Mao, has started the first stage of construction, with the levelling of the land and planting of trees.

Although this may not seem like much, it is a significant step. Other prestige projects in Krabi over recent years have been marketed to death yet there is still nothing to show on the site, leading to local speculation that many of these developments are pure fantasy, designed to increase interest in the area and, of course, the value of the land itself, which can then be sold for an inflated price together with the "project" - still on paper only.

Amatapura, then, is a refreshing change from this. The owners intend to live on the site themselves and have a long and proven history of house building (more than 2000 homes built around the Bangkok area). As the first, serious, non-local developers to start construction, we feel this is also a significant step for the Krabi area - as many eyes will be on them to see if they succeed.

The villas are being marketed mainly in Hong Kong and Singapore and have already proved popular, with nine sales on the opening weekend.

If and when Krabi itself will catch up with the luxe lifestyle that will be offered within the villa compound (the immediate area has barely a shop, never mind a restaurant or other entertainment venues) remains to be seen.

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(note: other than the 'Panorama View' on the Gallery page, none of the other pictures on the website actually depict Ao Nam Mao beach itself, but other attractions within half an hour to 45 minutes away).

Re: Amatapura - Krabi's first luxury villa development

An update from Amatapura Krabi,

Amatapura Krabi is set to be completed in December 2008. We have completed our structural work and architectural work on  a number of our beachfront villas. With more than 500 workers on hand working double shift, we aim to be done with the construction in October. Landscaping and system work will be during the months of September-November 30th.

In keeping with our philosophy, we are a ZERO EFFLUENT PROJECT. No liquid or solid waste will be released into the surrounding environment. We do recycle our water for plants and we managed to save most of our original trees on site. We sweep and aerate our sand every day to improve the quality. During construction, we keep our workers off the beach. No sealife is collected from the tidal beach at low tide; contributing to the appearent higher yield to the local costal fishermen.

For community service, we have made a commitment to donate a purification system to make tap water drinkable in Moo 6 and Moo 7 of Saithai district. We have also made a pledge to equip the computer room at Ban Nam Mao School with the latest technology to augment with the new government equipment. More community work projects have been planned including members of our community volunteering to teach English at the School.