Topic: Petition to stop destruction of Krabi karst scenery

We received the following email yesterday, concerning an allegedly illegal quarry that is destroying a limestone cliff:

As you will see after reading the information provided on my website (Please log in or register to see this link), Thai companies are destroying the rare karsts of Krabi.

I would like to submit an urgent request that the local authorities put a stop to this illegal activity immediately.
The destruction of these ecological and archeological treasures that make Krabi and Thailand so unique is absolutely saddening.

We are so surprised that the Thai authorities would allow this to happen ! Such behavior will surely have a severely negative impact on the local ecology, archeology, and tourism.

Not to mention that both foreign and local interest in the land sector and value of the neighboring land areas will devalue greatly with these ominous mining scars destroying what was once one of the most spectacular panoramic views on the planet.

Limestone and other aggregates used for construction are abundant throughout Thailand and we see no reason for it to be extracted from areas with primary forest, archeological sites, and national ecological monuments of great local and touristic appeal.

I plan to notify as as many Thais and foreigners as we can and inform them of this surprising ecological destruction that is presently occurring in Krabi.

We respectfully request for the involved companies and Thai authorities to please consider protecting the rare and famous heritage of Krabi, Thailand and close down this mining activity immediately.

These karsts are priceless national treasures that attract thousands of visitors and animals to the area year after year.

Please join SOSKRABI to preserve the beauty.

"The future is in our hands. Let's not make lead with gold…!".

Mark L.

Re: Petition to stop destruction of Krabi karst scenery

I agree with everything you have said.  I would like to add that I live across the road from this mining operation and I might as well be living in downtown Bangkok for the noise that it creates nonstop from around 8:00am through to around 7:00 pm.  Then, on most days at 5:00 pm they set off a blast that shakes my house and the whole neighboring area.  The neighboring area does have some quiet business in it, but is mostly residential so the noise and rocks being sprayed into the air is unnerving.   And the dust--it is horrible.  The mining company paved the road in front of my house which reduced the dust, but certainly did not stop it.

I built this house to be surrounded by the beauty of the karsts, but instead I have been reduced to living in a strip mining town without ANY notice that this was going to happen.

I know Thai people are adverse to asserting themselves even when they don't like something because they like to live in harmony, but I hope that they will rally to stop this unnecessary destruction of a national treasure.