Topic: Ao Nang Loy Kratong Festival 2010

Loy Krathong - the 'floating basket' festival - is one of the most important in the Thai calendar. On November 21 this year, it will be celebrated in Ao Nang with a spectacular street carnival.

As for the previous successful events, the beachfront road will be closed to regular traffic from 6pm - midnight and instead lined with colourful floats bearing contestants from the local hotels for the 'Nang Noppamas' beauty contest.

Some five hours of traditional music and dance will be shown on the large stage on the beach front (on the central speed bump opposite Barracuda Tour), as well as a fireworks display before midnight when the winners of the contest will lead a procession down to the water where candlelit flower-filled baskets are floated out into the sea - a symbolic gesture taking away all the bad happenings of the previous year to start afresh in the new.

It's a great photo opportunity, as well as your own chance to send out your own basket, or - as the fashion is now - a paper fire lantern up into the night sky. There will be sellers of both all along the road.

For motorists coming to the area, the whole section of the beach from McDonald's to Krabi Resort will be completely closed to traffic from 6pm to midnight on Sunday.