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Many people have written to us after confusing news reports about flooding in "southern Thailand" that apparently suggest Krabi is one of the inundated areas. We would like to reassure all visitors that Krabi is not and has not been affected by the recent flooding.

There was very heavy rain here during most of October, and there has been some cloudy weather and showers in the early part of November (though much less severe), but even so Krabi only experienced a few temporary and very localised flash floods.

The sea, for the most part, is calm; Krabi is located in the sheltered Phang Nga Bay, with many islands along the coast, so is not affected by the reported 4 or 5 metre waves "in the Andaman Sea" (an area of 600,000 sqkm !). In addition, all tour companies follow local advice issued by the Thai Metereological Department, so will not go out in any dangerous conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!

Re: Krabi unaffected by Thailand flooding

If you have queries about the weather in Krabi, or the forecast for when you plan to come, the most accurate predictions come from the Thai Metereological department: (Please log in or register to see this link)

Please bear in mind though, that the weather in Krabi is very unpredictable, and also very localised: there can be a storm in Ao Nang while Krabi Town (only a few km away) stays sunny and dry all day, or vice versa.

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I am planning to be in Krabi between Xmas and New Year's and I am concerned about the weather forecast I have seen on different channels, is it really raining all day ? any chance I will be able to enjoy island hopping and beach ? I went to the recommended site from Thai metereological, and they also mention, in addition to rain, waves 1m-2m high !
thanks in advance for your feedback

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Hi.. any idea how would the weather be in February ?

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Amir: general climate info can be found here: (Please log in or register to see this link) February is usually hot and dry, with occasional brief showers every week or so to clear the air.

Nathsanta: wave height is measured from trough to crest. Anything under 2m is considered to be a calm sea :-) Also measurements are taken across the open water in the Andaman Sea (most of the Krabi islands are in a more sheltered bay). It has not rained for a week or more - as you probably already know (sorry for the late reply!).

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Ok Thank you !