Topic: Road journey to Krabi

Hi everybody

My hubby and I are making plans to make a trip to Krabi from Hatyai on bike.

As this will be our 1st trip to Krabi - we are kinda fearful that we may lose our way from Hatyai.  Please help us

(1) we will be staying in Hatyai for a day and plan to make a day trip to Krabi.  Is there any diredtions where any of you can guide us into Krabi

(2) our trip will be in early Feb'11 so would like to know exactly how is the weather there then.

(3) any attractions that we should include in our trip to Krabi

actually we are quite excited after making the decision to visit Krabi (since this will be our 1st trip in there) so definitely would like to know more information before we make our way there in order not  to get ourselves lost.

Hear from forumers soon!


Re: Road journey to Krabi

It's a MINIMUM 5 hours drive from Had Yai to Krabi. So not really practical for a day trip... But there is lots to do around Had Yai itself :-)

Re: Road journey to Krabi

Hi there

many thanks for your reply.

yes we are aware there are lots of activities @ Hatyai.  in fact, we are starting off our journey from singapore.

we have been to Hatyai many times already hence decided to make a trip to Krabi this time.

any recommendation of locations you can share in Krabi?