Topic: Videocamera Panasonic HDS-HS9GC-S

This was Panasonic top model when I bought it in January 2009.

It has full HD 1080 and 60 GB harddisk. It can also be used with SD card. It has many special features, like it can recognize faces.

It gives chrystal clear images of professional quality. Better than ordinary TV images.

I have used it only a little ... mostly at home.

I bought it new for 42990 baht. I will sell it for less than half price; 15000 baht or highest offer.

Normal second hand price with 30 % percent annual writing off would be 21000 baht for a camera like this, so this is really a bargain!

I still have the manual and receipt. It also comes with a DVD burner.

Please call 08959 10451.

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