Topic: Helmet crackdown campaign on motorbike drivers and passengers.

Police across Krabi are preparing to strictly enforce the existing safety helmet laws from 1st March.

The new thing is that they now will fine every motorcycle rider and passenger without  a  crash helmet, before it was only the driver whom was fined.
If caught without wearing a helmet, you will have to pay a fine of 500 baht.

Thailand has launched a campaign to promote “100 percent crash helmet use” among motorcyclists to ensure road safety.

The decision came after the Cabinet, during its meeting on 4 January 2011, agreed to announce 2011 as the year of campaigning for all motorcyclists to wear crash helmets.

Don´t forget it is for your own safety to wear a helmet, no god or spirits will protect you while riding a motorbike, only a helmet.

Krabi Resident