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i bought an airaisa flight and reach krabi by 12.55 pm (thailand time) on 1st aug 2010

i think will stay at aree tara resort
these is my plan

1st day arrival - check in then go to town buy tour
2nd day - island tour
3rd day - emerald pool tour
4th day - back

i really wanted go to phi phi island.... but my gf want go to emerald pool... haizz... that why i need to give up on phi phi.... if possible we hope can go to emerald pool tour on first day arrival after the hotel check in or town trip... is that possible?

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Hi et

Yes, I think you can tweak your schedule so both you and gf will be happy :-)
As soon as you get to Ao Nang on your day of arrival, hire a taxi to take you to the hot springs / emerald pool (there is a stand on the main road right outside Buri Tara) - no need to go with an organised tour. You will be able to bargain the price as it will not be a full day. But you will get a couple of hours there, which is plenty. And at this time of day, it should be quite deserted as well.

This leaves day 3 free to go to Phi Phi, which does need a full day.

Enjoy your stay!


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Hi there YK

Am too like et will be flying in to Krabi , will be staying in Ao Nang Area for 3 nites end of this month.

What are your suggestions ? I understand that its the rainy season, will that hamper any island tours ?

BTW. with the recent unrest in Bangkok, is Krabi safe to travel now?


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Hi Max

No problems at all in Krabi, or anywhere in the south of Thailand. We are simply watching events on TV, and take no part in them.

Island tours will be leaving daily except in the severest weather conditions - huge storm, or very choppy sea - but this happens barely a couple of times during rainy season, so you should be fine.

Re: Advice for Krabi trip

Thanks YK

Will be looking forward to the visit !!

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Hi we are travelling to Krabi for 5 nights first week of May, hopefully trying to arrange trips to Phi Phi, Chicken island, Koh Rok and Koh Lanta mainly for snorkelling and kayaking, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The hot springs and Crystal Lagoon are only about 25 mins from krabi airport. You can hire a car and drive there or go via taxi. 3-4 hrs is enough.

It's on the southern side of Krabi Town so I wouldnt even go into Ao Nang unless you really need a shower. Just hire a car and get a map from the airport. it's a very easy drive. Just follow highway 4 south until you get to road 4038 turn left and drive a short way then turn right (there are signs for hot spring). The hot spring is first and the crystal lagoon is a little bit further on. There are entrance fees for each but it's not that expensive.

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I am arriving in Krabi on the 14th April and am spending the first 4 days on my own staying at Railey Beach.  My two other friends arrive on the 18th April and I join them back at Ao Nang.  Is there something you can recommend that I do when I am at Railey on my own before I join my friends.  I am open for any options except rock climbing!!!

Many thanks

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On Railay itself, there are two great beaches. You can rent a kayak and paddle around the coastline, or there are some nice trails you can explore inland with caves, forest etc. - not more than an hour's walk. And of course, it's easy to get off the peninsula and do some island tours before your friends get here - there is a great sunset snorkeling cruise that leaves from Railay.

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The best beach is Phra Nang which is a  5min walk from Railay. Railay west beach is fine but east is mudflats. Walk past the mudflats and head south for a few mins and you come to Phra Nang beach which is the best in the area.

Krabi has plenty of snorkelling and kayaking tours to do.

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Dear Admin,

I'll be travelling to Krabi in a week from now, and I'm planning to take the Elephant Tour for 2 or 3 hours. Could you tell me what's cost of a simple tour? I don't need a half - day or full - day tour, just a simple one.

Could you also advise me where to buy the tour? I'm travelling on a budget and from what I read in the forum, it's not recommended to purchase the tour in advance. If it's relevant, I'll arrive at night in Krabi and was expecting to get the tour the following day in the morning.

Thank you in advance!  smile

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Me and my husband are planning a trip in first week of May 2011. We have plans to stay at Railay beach. We are interested in following activities.
1. One day tour to Pi Pi, Maya beach bamboo island etc. Please advise wether, it will be possible in May as it is Rainy season. Do tours start at Railay or from Krabi town. How much do they cost.
2. We are interested in Two Kayaking tours from Railay. Each of half day. Our interests are caves, narrow slits beatiful sights. Please advise which two tours are interesting.
3. Can any one suggest a good agent in Krabi or railay who can handle bookings.

Thanks in advance