Topic: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings. This is Tan here. I would like to buy the "Your Krabi Guidebook".

My friend, Ms. Kiko Lam is flying to Krabi on 31 October 2010 afternoon and leaving Krabi on 3 November 2010 afternoon. She is going to stay at Phu Pha Ao Nang Spa & Resort.

Is it possible for her to buy the Guidebook from the hotel receptionist @ 390 THB?

By the way, may I have the email address of the book publisher for future communication of book buying?

Thank you.

Tan Chu Yao.

Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hello Tan

We can certainly deliver a copy of the guidebook to Phu Pha Resort for your friend; she can pay for it in cash on arrival, or by credit card online. For further information and to make arrangements, please contact our main email address: info at yourkrabi dot com, adding the word "guidebook" into the subject line.

The book is published by Blue Sky Media, who also produce this website, so the address above would also be the place to contact for further purchases.

Please note: we are also about to start a half price sale on the guidebook for online sales only. The book will be available for 200 THB (+  P & P) exclusively through this website; we will update our page: (Please log in or register to see this link) with the new prices by the end of this week!

Kind regards

Seema Prabhu
(Guidebook author)

Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hi Seema Prabhu,

Is it possible that I make the payment by credit card online (in order to enjoy 50% discount), and then your company deliver the book to Phu Pha Ao Nang Spa & Resort (in a sealed envelope) one day before 31 October 2010, so that my friend, Ms. Kiko Lam can pick up the book from hotel receptionist?

Thank you

Tan Chu Yao

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Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hi Tan - I have sent you a message; please check your email!

Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hi Seema Prabhu,

Thanks for everything on buying of your guidebook. Can't wait to see the book.

In addition, I have read your review on "Ao Nang Cliff View Resort"

May I know for its Standard Room, is there any:

Hot shower facilities?
Personal safe?

What do you think about their cleanliness?

You website:
"a large new resort, Phu Petra, has just opened next door so more development may be on the way; and we will update if this is the case."

Is there any construction nearby "Ao Nang Cliff View Resort" now? What is the status?

Your website:
"Car rental is perhaps a safer, more comfortable option if there are a few of you to share the cost - prices for an average 4WD can start from around 1200 baht per day, including insurance and with unlimited mileage."

Is "unlimited mileage" means petrol is included or I have to buy petrol for the car?

Thank you again.

Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hi again

Ao Nang Cliff View is very clean - but the standard rooms have only hot water shower, no personal safe. There is a safety box service at the reception, however. There is currently only a small housing project being developed nearby, but this is around a hundred metres away (opposite Phu Petra Resort), so not in the immediate vicinity.

For car rental, unlimited mileage means you can drive it as much as you want (with your own petrol) - some companies impose restrictions on how far you can travel with a vehicle. The car is usually given with a full tank and you are expected to return it in the same condition. I would advise booking with a reputed company (Budget, Avis, Hertz etc.), as the cars owned by local operators on the beach front can be in bad (and occasionally dangerous) condition.

Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Hi Seema Prabhu,

Appreciate if you could help me to call the hotel receptionist again to confirm that my friends have taken the book.

I just afraid that the hotel receptionist couldn't meet them in time, as they are checking out on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 morning.

Thank you in advance.

Tan Chu Yao.

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Re: Buying of "Your Krabi Guidebook"

Dear Admin,

I would like to order a Guidebook and to have it delivered to my hotel in Krabi on the date of arrival. Could you please advise me how to proceed? Would it be better to pay in cash on delivery or is it better to pay by credit card in advance in order to get a discount? Please let me know.

Thank you!  smile