Topic: afternoon sea kayak (ao thalane or bor thor?)

i will reach in krabi in the afternoon as air asia only hv one trip.
I will reach the airport around 12.25pm.
I planned to go for sea kayak in ao thalane, but some said bor thor is the best?
is that NECCESARY for me to book my kayak trip before i go? I get the best price at 1000B for 1 person , they will come pick me at aonang at 1.30pm, and they will make it private, which mean only two of us and the guide. sounds scary...
admin,  you think chartered a kayak trip when i reach there better? or i book so that i dont need to rush for that later on?
thank you in advance.

Re: afternoon sea kayak (ao thalane or bor thor?)

Hi limyeepee

A half day kayaking trip at the moment costs about 600 - 800 THB per person, so first of all don't bother booking in advance. The second reason not to book in advance is if your flight is delayed for any reason, or the immigration queue is long, you would not make it to Ao Nang by 1.30: I would imagine the trip is non-refundable.

Best is to arrive and head straight to your hotel tour desk, or one of the many local tour agents on the main road. If you book here, it is very unlikely that the tour or the guide will be dodgy, even if you are going alone, as agents here only work with recognised operators, whereas anyone can set up and sell a tour online (which is not to imply that all or in fact any online sellers are dubious, just to point out that agents / hotels normallly only work with proven and reputable operators, as it is very easy for tourists to find them and complain should anything go wrong!).

Regarding where to go, Ao Thalane has very impressive canyons. However, if you like caves, and the idea of kayaking through (short) tunnels in the rock, then Bor Thor is the place to visit. Both can be done in a half day, but I would say 2pm would be the latest you could set off.

Hope this helps smile


Re: afternoon sea kayak (ao thalane or bor thor?)

Thanks sheema for the great information. At least i have an idea about the trip! Have a good day!

Re: afternoon sea kayak (ao thalane or bor thor?)

i will be arriving at krabi on Jan 2010, this information is very useful to me as i am also thinking of booking the kayaking in advance, thank you for the information.

Re: afternoon sea kayak (ao thalane or bor thor?)

Dear Admin,

I would like to go for kayak but I'm afraid that next week would be too hot and will make kayaking really hard. Do you recommend it at this time of the year? What are the best kayak tours (destinations) and what is the cost per person? Since I have no experience on this, I guess a half - a - day trip would be the best option for me.

Thanks for your advice!  smile