Topic: diving in Krabi in June

hey there

I'll be making my 1st trip down to Krabi in mid to end June.

And i understand that it is monsoon in Krabi in June. So i'd like to ask if anyone have dived in Krabi in June?

how is the visiblity? will the visibility decrease due to monsoon?

what kind of marine life will be expected?

is there any recommended beach and dive operator?

pls help me with this as i would love my 1st trip to Krabi to be a fruitful one...
Many thanx! :rodna:

Re: diving in Krabi in June

Hi Floral - you don't say if this is also your first time diving or not?

There are both pros and cons to diving at this time of year.

Pros - much fewer people, much more fish, instructors (if needed) have more time to spend with you
Cons - visibility can be poor (depends on the sea conditions, can also be normal), in really bad weather boats don't go out at all, or if they do you may get seasick :sick:

As for marine life, depending on where you go and the conditions, you can expect to see (small selection): seahorses, nudibranchs, ghostpipe fish, puffer fish, scorpion fish, leopard sharks, blacktip reef sharks, stingrays, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, parrotfish, porcupine fish, sweetlips, angel fish, emperor fish, moorish idols, bubble, whip and staghorn coral, anemone reefs with lots of anemone fish etc etc.

All dive sites in Krabi are accessible from almost any beach you care to stay on, so I would pick a beach for other, non-diving criteria (i.e. accommodation, nightlife, choice of food etc.).

Having said that, during the low season, I would dive from either Phi Phi or Ao Nang, however, as many operators in Ko Lanta are closed. You should pick a school according to the people you meet there and whether you feel comfortable with them or not. It's fairly easy once you are here to walk along the beach road and check out the various operators and you can book a diving day any time up to the evening before you wish to go.

Hope this helps smile


p.s. I forgot to add that the weather is currently absolutely beautiful - blue skies, sunny and flat seas - though not sure how long that will last!