Topic: Looking for a nice place in Krabi

Sawasdee Kha

I have planed to come to Krabi next May with my husband and my daughter.She will be 22 months old at that time. I have already booked my flight but I still have to choose the accomodation. I want a very nice hotel (because it will be the first time for my husband) and a good place for kid (not too far from everything). Can you tell me what will be the best choise between: La playa Resort, AoNang Villa Resort, Somkiet Buri, Krabi Resort or Best Western Ao Nang Bay Resort. It is very difficult to decide even if I know that each of them must be very good...But I would like to choose the best place to stay with a kid.
Thank you for your advices...Khob Khun Mak Kha

Re: Looking for a nice place in Krabi

If you like to be right in the centre of things then any of those are nice, we stay at the Sheraton which is a little way out of Ao Nang but has a lovely beach and pool and only a short taxi or shuttle bus to Ao Nang

Have fun, You will love it!

Re: Looking for a nice place in Krabi

I think it would be best to stay at Cliff Aanong Resort. Most travel services can be found here, and there is a good variety of restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine. Due to it's locale and range of services and accommodation, Ao Nang serves as the ideal place to both stay put and relax, or from which to explore surrounding islands and beaches. They also have the most developed beach.