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Today we launched the brand new Your Krabi. We've also switched servers, so there may be some strange behaviour with links and redirects for the next few days - please bear with us until everything is straightened out.

In the meantime, please tell us what you think of our new look.

Love it? Hate it? Can't find your way around?

Help us improve by giving us your feedback on the new design - even a pointer to a broken link will help!


Re: Site redesign

cool  You have done a great job! I´t was really fun to check it out. I´ll tell my friends.

wink ms


Re: Site redesign

Fantastic! The most user friendly and informative travel website i've found so far. Very up -to -date and relevant info and with your help I dont need to use a travel agency to plan my honeymoon!

Re: Site redesign

big_smile Site looks great!!! :tummenupp:

cool Maybe an online "chat option" would be a nice feature? Don't know if "PunBB" does support that, but it's just a sugestion.. cool

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?????????????? ?????????????(??????) chaang taai thang tua ao bai bua maa pit (mai mit)

Re: Site redesign

_/|\_ Sawadee kap

I think if you have chat room it's so nice, Tourist can ask informatation about tourist

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Re: Site redesign

The forum is great and needs everyone's support, so far I see very little.

C'mon folks, don't leave it all to Admin. :reta:

Chat? use gmail or skype....:tummenupp:

Re: Site redesign

:tummenupp: wo wo we have website for Krabi. I hope this web will work well and popular for both tourisms and local people. :sk�l: