Topic: Survey on attractions to Railay Island


just wanna ask, have you done any surveys before on what are some of the pull factors that attracts the tourists to Railay Island? Because i need it as research for my project. If u have done such surveys before, can i have the results for the survey?

if u have not done such surveys before, is it possible for me to do an online survey for the public by posting the question here? if yes, how should i post the survey on the forum here?

please give me a reply asap. thanks! big_smile

Re: Survey on attractions to Railay Island

Um... have you ever been to Railay?

1) It is not an island, it is part of the mainland
2) If you did visit, it would be quite clear the attraction of the place!

Sorry to not be of more help, though you are welcome to leave the question here in case anyone else would like to chip in. Good luck.