Topic: Koh Tao to Koh Lanta - possible in one day? Any suggestions?

I'm planning my first trip to Thailand and I'm trying to find a way from Koh Tao to Koh Lanta in one day (November 2, 2008).  There is so much information available and I'm getting confused.  I have hotels in both places booked, and it would seem that a flight is not an option. 

Would you suggest getting from Koh Tao to Chumphon (a three hour journey leaving 07.00 or 13.00), or to Surat Thani (leaving at 10.00 arriving at 16.30)?  There are expess boats to both from Koh Tao. 

Then I must get from either of them by bus or train to Krabi City (5 hours by train from Chumphon - 14.19 to 16.30 plus bus another 2 hours or more),
or from Surat Thani (minibus 2 more hours) to get a minibus or passenger ferry from Krabi City to Koh Lanta.  It would seem that the ferry does not cross after 4 in the afternoon (or am I reading this wrong?). 

Your assitance is appreciated - I'm worried because so many people have been robbed on the private buses - I would rather take a govenment bus if possible.

Of course, the easier and less expensive the better, but I am willing to consider all options.  If I arrive at 7 or 8 a night, will I be able to get to Koh Lanta?  I'm already booked at my hotel.

Re: Koh Tao to Koh Lanta - possible in one day? Any suggestions?

Have you considered getting to Koh Samui, then flying to Krabi? Not sure if the schedules would match up, but you can check the flight times on the Bangkok Air website.

This still would not get you to Krabi for the last passenger ferry, however, which leaves at 13.30.

So once you arrive in Krabi, by whatever means, you would have to take a taxi to Koh Lanta. At the moment this costs 2500 - 2800 baht, depending where on the island you are going. There is also a local bus service from Krabi Town if you arrive during daylight hours. Not sure the cost of this (it will be much cheaper than a taxi), but it takes about 3 hours and will only get you as far as Saladan, from where you will need to take a taxi to your final destination.

Final point - arriving in Krabi at 8pm would be cutting it fine as the car ferry stops at around 10, so this would not leave you much time to find a taxi, and get to the pier in Hua Hin (70km + drive). You would also probably have to pay for the driver to stay overnight on the island as he would not be able to return to Krabi until morning.