Topic: Interested In Buying A House In Krabi

Dear all, good morning

I currently reside in Cyprus with my wife, and we are planning to buy a house in Krabi.

Since this is my first communication with this forum, I would appreciate it if someone could share some importan information about my endeavour, such is:
- How easy is to buy a house in Krabi?
- Are there building complexes?
- Are there adequate facilities and amenities?
- Shall I go through a private seller or through an estate agency?
- Any recommendations about the best sites?

Please do not let my e-mail address fool you. The word primehome, included, has nothing to do with an estate agency. Is just the provider's name in Cyprus.

Thank you

Re: Interested In Buying A House In Krabi

Hi Andreas,
If you are still looking to move to Krabi, I worked with a developer there for nearly 2 years & can work through all your questions (as yet unanswered & confirm the answers already received).